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A quick guide to the different bike carriers

Bike enthusiasts welcome!

If you have landed on this page, you are probably asking yourself what the most efficient, safest and cost-effective way is to transport your bike by car and what is the best option for your vehicle.

To fully understand what product suits you best, we need to look at the options available in the market. Here is our short list:

  • Tow ball carrier: if your car has tow bar already installed, this type of bike carrier will be your best bet. These types of carriers have no extra wheels to worry about, can generally carry one to four bikes and are a safe, steady, and hassle-free option. Most products available on the market are light and simple, you only need to slide your carrier onto the tow ball and the job is done.

Our product specifics: 

  • Roof carriers: Probably less handy to fit but generally much cheaper than a tow ball carrier, the roof carrier it’s what you want to go for if you your car has already got rails. Make sure the cross bars are installed on the side arms about 7.5 inches from the wheel bars and make sure to measure the same distance on both front and rear.

Our product specifics: 

  • Fork coupling: Installing a fork coupling means going through the same process as a basic roof carrier, but your bike front wheel must be taken off and carried in your vehicle as your bike will be screwed onto the carrier for extra stability. Fastening the rear wheel is usually a simple task.

Our product specifics: 

  • Rear carrier: This option will be your best if your car lacks either roof rails or a tow ball. The carrier simply attaches onto the trunk. They are very easy to install but you won’t be able to open and close your boot whilst they are attached on.

Our product specifics: 

What to consider:

The bikes and/or carriers should never obscure your license plate number or rear lights

Be wary of cheap options and extra cautious when making your choice. You should prefer to put more money into your purchase by making sure the product is of high quality.

Follow the instructions and test the results on a private pathway if possible.